Aug 5, 2015

ZOUNDS (1977-1982)

Zounds - Live in Leiden, Holland. Can't Cheat Karma, Curse of Zounds
Crusty peaceniks who actually knew how to play their instruments. Zounds undoubtedly produced the best punk music ever, in my regard. They were the full spectrum. Musically and lyrically. "THE CURSE OF ZOUNDS" is that one punk album I would bring to a deserted island if I had to choose one. I have tracked down all of their EPs, LPs, and cds but I recommend actually buying the remastered anthology in the link above. It took me many moons to get my hands and ears on all their music through various P2P sharing, overseas mail order distros, and eBay auctions. But, I would consider the "punkest" thing to do is support Zounds' ease of distribution from major sources now such as Amazon. Heck, they said it themselves in the song "Subvert".

The best EP ever produced: ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma

What I am offering as a download is a very rare live recording of one of their last shows ever as a complete band. Some time around 2002 or 2003, I visited the website of a small, independent record label housed in Salt Lake City. The site had an embedded music player and, for about two weeks, this full recording was uploaded. This was back in the days of dial-up internet, mind you, and there was a way to continuously get free service by manipulation AOL install cds and another free program. Long story short, I gobbled these songs up and offered them out to the greater community. I do not know of any other source of this live recording that myself, frankly. Two songs, "Fear" and "Wolves", made their way on to "The Curse of Zounds" but I had not, and still haven't found, and of the other live versions anywhere else.

So here it is, ZOUNDS - LIVE IN LEIDEN HOLLAND (1982).

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