Aug 16, 2015

Hasbara (2011 - )

Haldol (death-rock, punk, hardcore)Take Rudimentary Peni's ghastly imagery, NO TREND's purposeful alienation and abrasive guitar, BORN AGAINST's disdain of all things dogmatic, add in some of that noodly bass and drums coming down from the Pacific Northwest's latest post-punk-goth wave, put it all in a blender and then do nothing. Let that concoction sit and smegmate in a cold, damp root cellar for three decades until a slimy member of PART 1 accidentally mistakes it for a dark berry smoothie, pops the lid, and engorges a mouthful moments before taking the stage of a reunion show at shitty D.I.Y. bar. That's probably how I'd attempt to describe Haldol.

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