Jul 5, 2015

Beating out the rugs... a re-redo of this dusty blog

July 5, 2015 UPDATE

I've let this page stagnate for a good year due to a combination of a broken records player (vinyl to mp3 rips) and the rise of D.I.Y. bands hosting their music on global digital services (Bandcamp, SoundCloud...), all of which took a pep out of my step. It is actually quite nice not concerning myself with tracking down old vinyl and now simply re-routing mp3s from other sources. I don't like accumulating things especially when I rarely use it again, as when I the actual rip vinyl and cassette to mp3 for upload.

The second rendation (this very blog as of yesterday) was intended to surpasses my previous efforts (polishnightmare.blogspot) in punk music education but it fell short. So, I will now focus on a more simplified "indexed" method of blogging.

In short, my vinyl and cassette to mp3 conversions will still be on hold until I get a new stereo setup. Until then, I will try and upload or direct link a lot of "under the radar" punk music that I think is important to listen to. Thanks for reading this.

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